Singapore CCTV Installation and in Malaysia too!

Your office or house dog can’t do the job for you? Well, you have come to the right place!

Future Net Technologies is the reliable Singapore CCTV installation system specialist that clients trust to provide reliable CCTV security solutions for 24-hrs surveillance on their chain stores, offices and homes, through the Internet if necessary.

Future Net Technologies specializes in design, installation, testing & commissioning of professional CCTV surveillance system for industrial, commercial & residential requirements. Over the years that we have come through, we have more than enough experience and expertise to handle all types of demand.

Full-fetched Singapore CCTV Installation solution provider!

We provide CCTV installation services which comprises of high-end quality digital video recorder systems (DVR) that will record every single detailed moment for surveillance or playback purposes. We also provide high-end CCTV Camera that is also connected to the DVR. In addition to both the CCTV (surveillance) cameras and digital video recorder, we are also capable of installing cables from point to point.

Your beloved or important assets and properties requires protection. For commercial or corporate industries owners, CCTV System is required to help protect valuable goods and properties against thief, abuse & damage. Having a CCTV System can also help you to prevent further loss of your valuable goods due to unforeseen consequences, e.g. Fire.

When you are out of the office, you can also monitor your employees or your office through your smartphone. An additional feature to our CCTV Installation is that we provide mobile surveillance support via your smart phone, e.g. iPhone. When connected to the internet, user can also perform a remote login to view their premises using a PC/laptop or even a mobile phone.

We provide Singapore CCTV installation (also in Malaysia) with no hidden charges and no hassle! Having a CCTV system is important for every household and commercial buildings! 

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