Cigarette Smoke Detector and Flame Detector

Cigarette Smoke Detector or Flame Detector also know as Tobacco Smoke Detection is the first product to incorporate Multiple Detection Technology.

Cigarette Smoke Detector incorporates tobacco smoke detection and is designed to provide voice messages in any area of a facility to warn of illicit tobacco smoking, such as restrooms, washrooms in schools, hospitals and business across America.

The Cigarette Smoke Detector is fully programmable with a simple hand held remote which comes with the ability to play any audio file in any language without the need for complex programming knowledge.

Cigarette Smoke Detector and Flame Detector Typical System Installation

Cigarette Smoke Detector Typical System Installation

The new Cigarette Smoke Detector Tobacco Detection System is the latest addition to the world’s leading illicit smoking products. Multi-Lingual as standard and remote controlled, every product in the range can be programmed with any voice message, of any length, in any language, by simply using any PC running Windows.

Messages are stored on a removable SD Flash card and can be easily changed via computer or by selecting any of the programmed messages with the remote control.

In addition, our customers can now choose to have any combination of detection elements from single smoke or flame; flame and smoke; flame, smoke and motion making a total of five different combinations to suit any application. Quite simply, illicit smokers cannot escape from the new Cig-Arrête® SD Evolution Tobacco Detection System.

All Cigarette Smoke Detector and Flame Detector products are backward compatible meaning that existing and new systems can be connected together. There is also the choice of either hard wiring the installation as before and adding a power supply unit, or simplifying installation by using wireless connection. This means that the above washroom example can be installed in just under 1 hour with no mess and no fuss!


Cigarette Smoke Detector / Flame Detector

On sensing the presence of tobacco smoke, the Smoke Detector / Flame Detector will play any pre-programmed voice files in any language. The product is also available as a standard, battery operated unit or wireless version. Time delays between messages are selectable via the remote programmer to ensure that the message is broadcast at the right time.

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